Shopping guide

Welcome to

If you are reading this we assume that you are new at and therefore, would like to give you an extra warm welcome. The shopping guide below demonstrates how to shop at by taking you through each “click” step by step. If you have any questions, we are more than happy to help.

Step 1 - Gender

Start with selecting ”Man or Woman” at the top left side of the page. Choose a category or brand depending on what you are looking for.

Step 2 - Filter

You are now on a page that lists numerous products. By using the left side menu, you can filter everything from size and material to model and colors.

Step 3 – Add to cart

You can read more about each item on their product page. Select size and quantity and then click on the green button to add it to your cart.

Step 4 - Checkout

When you’re done, click on our green checkout button in the top right corner. Look through the cart to see that everything is correct. If you want to change size or quantity you can easily do it here. 

Step 5 - Payment

Enter your address and select payment method. Click on the green button on the bottom and now you’re done!